My Baseball story

Baseball is a beautiful game isn’t it? It is America’s game, It is a game that has Americans have loved for over a century. A game that parents and grandparents pass on to their children and grand children. It is also a game of stories and moments. We all have our own favorite baseball memory, you know what it is. It’s that moment you’ll be telling your kids and grand-kids about for years. For example I will always remember the night of October 27th 2011, the night of Game 6 of last years World Series. I’ll always remember how the game was ugly at first, full of silly errors and how both teams would end up scoring runs due to those errors. I’ll always remember the top of the 7th when Adrian Beltre and Nelson Cruz went back-to back, how the Rangers scored 3 that inning and took a 7-4 lead. I’ll remember how after the 7th, I was the only one left watching cause everyone else in my family said the game was over and they went to bed. I’ll always remember Freese’s 9th inning triple and jumping up and down and nearly screaming at the tv as I watched Pujols and Berkman score the tying runs. I’ll always remember Josh Hamilton’s home run and how my heart sunk into my stomach when I saw the ball leave his bat cause I knew right away that that ball was heading towards the outfield seats. Then of course The Cards came back again despite the fact that it was the bottom of our order leading off that inning. Then of course I’ll never forget David Freese swinging on the 3-2 pitch and hitting into the little grass area beyond the center field wall. I’ll always remember the next night when the Cardinals finished off the Rangers and won it all. I’ll remember seeing them celebrate and hoist the trophy high and how I nearly started crying watching all of it (which I honestly felt really stupid about.)

One of the things I love about baseball is that the fanbases have gone on from generation to generation. I got my love of baseball and the Cardinals from my Grandparents. My Grandfather when He was alive was a huge Cardinals fan and loved taking me, my brother, and my cousins to games at the old Busch Stadium every time we visited him and my Grandma in the summer. My Grandfather died when I was young so I never really knew him too well, but whenever I think of him I think of those Cardinals games we went to together. He is the reason I love the Cardinals and I always will love the Cardinals. Till the day I die I will always be a Cardinals fan, through good times and bad times.

What are some of your guys favorite baseball memories? Feel free to share them in the comment box below.


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  2. Minoring In Baseball

    Good story, Matt. Baseball is a great way to keep a good relationship with your family. I learned to love baseball from my grandpa, too, and my dad and I go on a Minor league trip every year. I’m also teaching my kids to love the game, and we have so much fun playing and watching baseball.

  3. Steven Myers

    Nice post Matt.
    Don’t feel stupid about almost crying. You care about your team man.
    That’s golden or in your case, golden red and will last your entire life.
    That game 6, as you say, was ugly at first, but you stuck around
    while everyone went to sleep and the Rangers had apparently won not once, but two times.The Cardinal’s comeback is a memory you deserve to cherish forever,
    and as a lifelong Brewer’s fan, I was glad to see the Cardinal’s win.
    It allowed me to rationalize the Brewer’s horrible game 6 NLCS performance into “it was those amazing Cardinals.” and they were truly amazing last season.Even Mr. Larussa seemed kind of lost for words when it was all over.

  4. David

    One of my favorite memories is when T-Plush hit a walk off single to make it to the NLCS. I happen to be at that game with my friend. I was almost in tears of joy. I was in tears of sadness and frustration when the Cards wooped the Brew Crew in game 6 of NLCS.

  5. sfdiamondgirl

    Great post! Ah, I have so many favorite memories. But one of them has to be from May 12th, 2009. It was Giants vs. Nationals at AT&T Park and the second-lowest attended game ever at the stadium. It was absolutely freezing and pretty miserable, up until the bottom of the ninth, when Pablo Sandoval hit his first walk-off homer in his career and won the game for San Fran, 9-7. Looking back, I think that was a moment that really defined when I transitioned from being a casual baseball fan and became hardcore. Just a magical moment and I think all of the (few :)) people who were there will quite probably never forget it.

    Anyhow, this is a fantastic topic- I’m enjoyed reading everyone’s stories!

    Diamond Girl

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