30 teams in 30 days. Baltimore Orioles

Happy March everyone!! This week Spring Training games will get started and we’ll be one step closer to the regular season!!! First off I wanted to say I really enjoyed reading everyone’s stories on the previous post. If you haven’t posted a story in the comments yet and you still want to, feel free!  Today I am going to start something that I’ll be doing throughout the month of March. I will preview one team each day from March 1-March 30. On March 31 I’ll post who I think will win it all in 2012. The lineup for this will go as follows

March 1-Orioles

March 2-Red Sox

March 3-Yankees

March 4-Rays

March 5-Blue Jays

March 6-Angels

March 7-A’s

March 8-Mariners


March 10-White Sox

March 11-Indians

March 12-Tigers

March 13-Royals

March 14-Twins

March 15-Braves

March 16-Marlins

March 17-Mets

March 18-Phillies

March 19-Nationals

March 20-D-Backs

March 21-Rockies

March 22-Dodgers

March 23-Padres

March 24-Giants

March 25-Cubs

March 26-Reds

March 27-Astros

March 28-Brewers

March 29-Pirates

March 30-Cardinals

March 31- Season predictions


Today we start off with the Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles have a new logo (or old technically) and a new general manger. New GM Dan Duquette is looking to make the O’s a contender once again. It’s going to be a very difficult task though as the O’s are nowhere near competing in the powerhouse AL East. The Orioles have a decent offensive lineup and will be looking to guys like Nick Markakis and Matt Wieters to lead the team’s offensive charge. The big question though is their young pitching staff which in 2011 was very inconsistent. Guys like Brian Matuz, Zach Britton, and Jake Arietta are all 3 going to be able to perform consistently and effectively if the O’s want to have any chance in the AL East.


Overall The Orioles may surprise some people if they can stay healthy, but I see the Orioles once again at the bottom of the AL East in 2012.




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