That went well

The 2012 season if officially underway. The Cardinals and Marlins opened up the new year Wednesday at the dazzling new marlins stadium (which according to Orel Hershiser looks like a space ship and a cruse ship had a baby.) The game featured an awesome national anthem performance, a lady hanging upside down in the outfield concourse, showgirls that looked like they belonged in Las Vegas, oh and a dominant performance by the Cardinals. 

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better performance from Kyle Loshe. He took a no-hitter into the 7th and had everything going for him. David Freese picked up where he left off last October driving in two in his first at bat. The Cardinals did pretty much everything right Wednesday night. We keep playing like that and the central is ours for sure. One thing that was cool and weird at the same time the other night was seeing Mike Matheny in the dugout calling all the shots. Well I’m really glad it was Mike who got to take over for Tony, I’m so used to seeing Tony LaRussa in the dugout, so seeing Mike instead of Tony will take some getting used to. Another thing to get used to is not seeing Albert in the 3 spot or in the dugout (something that ESPN mentioned like what 300 times during the broadcast?) But I think that’ll be easier to get used to seeing as we’re still a great team even without him.

I’m so excited for the rest of the season. I’m excited to see this new era of Cardinal baseball, I’m excited to see how Mike does throughout the rest of the year, see if David Freese can play for a full year, and see when Chris Carpenter comes back (hopefully soon,) I’m going to really busy in April. I’ve got drivers ED for 4 hours every Friday and Saturday, I’m putting the finishing touches on my final year of High School and I’m appyling for and getting ready for college in the fall (which i’m stoked about.) 

so until next time, GO CARDS!


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