Happy Retirement Day Mr.LaRussa

Today is a big day in Cardinal Nation, Tonight at Busch Stadium before the start of the Cardinals-Braves game, the Redbirds will offically retire #10 for Tony LaRussa. Cardinals fans pretty much knew this was coming sooner or later, and I’m glad to see the Cardinals did it as quickly as they did. Tony LaRussa was the manager of the Cardinals for 16 seasons, in those 16 years He helped lead one of the greatest runs in Cardinals history. The Cardinals made the playoffs nine times in his career. During the 2000’s decade it seemed like the Cardinals were among the National League’s best each and every season. Then of course came the 3 magical years of 2004, 2006, and 2011. In 2004 the Cards were the best team in the National League all year long, then in the postseason they beat the Dodgers and Astros to send the Cardinals to the their first world series since 1987. Even though the Cardinals lost in the World Series that year, I will always remember it as the year where I really began to follow baseball and the cards day in and day out. 

In 2006, Tony and the Cards had a rough year of sorts, they only won 83 games but they were still able to win what was a weak Central Division, then in the playoffs the Cards caught fire and won their first title in 24 years! Finally in LaRussa’s final year, He went out with a bang and the Cards won yet another World Series title in even more improblable fashion. Before this year, Tony LaRussa was the only Cardinals manager I had ever known, He will always be loved and adored in Cardinal Nation

I think I speak for all of Cardinal Nation when I say, Thank You Tony!!! 




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