What do you do when your team gets no-hit??

I love no hitters. They are one of my favorite things about the game of baseball, seeing the pitcher put on such a dominating performance that he literally shuts down the other teams offense completely! I love watching no hitters and for the first 18 years of my life I’ve been thankful that I have never seen my Cardinals get no hit.
That is…until last night.

Before last night’s game the big talk about it was Carlos Beltran making his return to the big apple, his first game at Citi Field since leaving the Mets last summer. By the end of the night though, the spotlight belonged to the man on the mound. I had a migraine last night so I didn’t watch the whole thing, but I woke up just in time to see the final 6 outs of the no hitter. For the first time in my baseball fan life, I wasn’t sure whether to celebrate or not. When the final out came and the no hitter was complete, I wasn’t sure whether to be pissed off, or happy that I got to watch another great moment in baseball history? I guess you could say I was a little of both at the end of last night’s game. Yes I was ticked off that the Cards mighty offense couldn’t get a single hit, off the Mets no less. But at the same time, it was a big moment in baseball history, I knew all about the Mets never having a no hitter, I always wished that i’d get to see a Mets pitcher finally throw one and end that drought for the franchise. I did get to see that drought end just like I wished for..I just hadn’t expected my Cardinals to be the ones getting no hit obviously.

Speaking of the Cards, as most baseball fans know, the defending world champs are in a funk, a BIG funk. The month of May was a pretty rough month for us. Berkman is gone, probably till August. Jon Jay, and Allen Craig both spent time on the DL. It was just a bad month in St.Louis. I remember waking up yesterday and telling myself “May is over finally, time to turn it around in June” Obviously the month of June isn’t off to a great start either, but hey. there’s still 29 days left this month, plenty of time to turn it into a good month for the Redbirds.

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