Matt Hamilton

My name is Matt Hamilton. I'm 18, I'm a college freshman, I live in Virginia. I love Baseball! I don't know why, I just do, I have ever since I was little (baseball and basketball). Baseball is my passion, I love it, and more in-depth, I love Cardinal Baseball. My Mom grew up in St.Louis, My Grandma lives there, I have cousins that live there, Cardinal Baseball is a part of our family. My very first Baseball game was a Louisville Redbirds game (the then Triple A Affiliate of the Cards). My first Major League Game was Cardinals-Rockies at the old Busch Stadium in the summer of 1998. The Cardinals are a part of my life, they always have been. My Dream is to one day work for the Cardinals as a writer or something similar to that. At the same time, I know that Baseball is not everything, I'm a Christian, and my ultimate goal, is to somehow someway, use my love of baseball and the Cardinals to bring glory and Honor to God. . If u have any questions or comments, email me at or follow me on Twitter,